Eligible Material Resources

If the material resources your child needs are not among those considered eligible by Aide financière aux études, the person evaluating the needs must send us a letter explaining why those material resources are needed at home to offset the effects of your child’s disability and enable your child to pursue his or her studies. Aide financière aux études will evaluate those reasons. Subsequently, a decision will be rendered regarding the reimbursement. The words Special needs and the student’s permanent code must be specified in the upper right-hand corner of that letter.

Adaptive equipment and/or material resources do not include furniture (chairs, tables, adapted beds for special needs, etc.), haptic screen portable digital devices (MP3 players, smartphones, etc.) and electronic tablets.

Adaptive equipment

Specialized software

Students may be reimbursed for the cost of specialized software intended to compensate for the effects of a disability and that is required at home to enable them to pursue their studies. For example, this type of software would enable a child suffering from a serious visual disability to access books in electronic format. Only specialized software in French and English are reimbursed.

Computer access device

Only substitutes or alternatives to a standard keyboard (e.g. keyboard with large letters), a standard mouse (e.g. mouth pointing device), and a standard screen (e.g. software to enlarge cursor or pointer) are reimbursed.


Desktop or laptop computer

If your need a computer at home to compensate for your child's major functional disability and enable them to pursue their studies, they could be entitled to a maximum allowance of $2 000 for that purchase, which can include the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and if applicable, operating system (e.g., Windows) and office suite software such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation.

Anti-virus software, extended warranties and installation costs are not reimbursed. The cost of a carrying bag and speakers are only reimbursed if recommended to offsets the student’s disability. Aide financière aux études will assess the rationale for the recommendation and if this is deemed inappropriate could decline to reimburse.

The computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and if applicable, operating system and office suite software such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation are only reimbursed once in a lifetime.

Additional peripherals

Only additional peripherals related to a computer acquired under this program and purchased at the same time as the computer will be reimbursed, on condition that they are required to offset the effects of your child’s disability.

In order to qualify for reimbursement, these additional peripherals must be acquired at the same time as the computer.

Assistive communication device

An assistive communication device may be reimbursed for non-vocal persons who have particular difficulty in making themselves understood. The device must enable the user to construct a message with symbols or pictograms, which are subsequently translated into an auditory message or a text.

A communication aid is reimbursed only once over the course of a student’s lifetime.

Equipment repair or replacement

The coverage provided by the manufacturer’s guarantee takes precedence over any authorization for the repair or replacement issued by Aide financière aux études (AFE). Consequently, before filling out this application, you must be sure that the equipment repair or replacement is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee or that the guarantee is expired.

Expenses incurred to repair a device (desktop computer, laptop computer or assistive communication device) or to replace one may be reimbursed only if that equipment was acquired under the Allowance for Special Needs Program.

In that case, you must fill out the Application for the Authorization of Equipment Repair or Replacement form, duly completed. For the repair to be authorized, the estimate must be less than 60% of the value of the device at the time of purchase. If it is more costly to repair the device, you can request it be replaced. The same applies if the repairs cost more than the current replacement cost or if the device cannot be repaired.

Please note that prior authorization must be obtained from Aide financière aux études before any device repair or replacement work is performed. Expenses incurred to obtain an estimate of the cost of repairs will not be reimbursed.

For a computer, the cost estimate for repairs must be made by the dealer that sold it, pursuant to the related guarantee, or by any other dealer if the guarantee is not applicable. The repairs must be carried out by the dealer that provided the estimate.

For an assistive communication device, you must obtain a cost estimate for repairs from the technical assistance service of the rehabilitation centre or a recognized facility. The repairs must be carried out or requested by the technical assistance service that provided the estimate.

Following the payment of the required amount, you have 60 days to send us the invoice confirming payment of the device’s repair or replacement.