The Government of Rwanda offers a maximum of 7 scholarships exempting Québec students from paying differential tuition fees. These scholarships are for full-time studies in Rwanda.

Program description

Scholarships are awarded for all programs of study offered by a university or public institute of higher education in Rwanda recognized by the Ministry of Education of Rwanda.

They are offered for full-time training programs with a maximum duration of:

  • four years for undergraduate university studies (bachelor’s)
  • two years for graduate university studies (master’s)


To receive an exemption from differential tuition fees, , you must meet the following criteria:

Type of support

A Rwandan exemption from differential tuition fees granted to a Québec student allows them to pay the same tuition fees as those charged to Rwandan students in order to pursue full-time studies in a program of study offered by an institution of higher education in Rwanda, recognized by the Ministry of Education of Rwanda. If you change levels, programs or educational institutions, you must first obtain authorization from the Rwandan and Québec governments to maintain your exemption.  This change must not prolong the duration of your studies, and consequently, the period of the exemption. Changing education level, program or educational institution before receiving proper authorization will result in loss of the exemption.

Each of the exemptions from differential tuition fees is granted for a full-time program with a maximum duration of:

  • 4 years for undergraduate university studies (bachelor’s); short programs and certificates are not eligible
  • 2 years for graduate university studies (master’s); short programs and specialized graduate diplomas are not eligible
  • 3 years for post-graduate university studies (doctorate); short  programs at this level are not eligible

Application procedure

Your application must contain one copy of the following documents, in the following order:

  • The formulaire d’inscription (registration form) (PDF 97 Kb).
  • A letter describing and justifying your study plan or research project.
  • The original or a certified copy of your postsecondary diplomas.
  • Your résumé.
  • Your confirmation of admission to a program of studies at an institution of higher education in Rwanda.
  • A photocopy of your act of birth certified by a Commissioner for Oaths. If you were not born in Canada, you must provide a proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residence and a proof of your status as a Québec resident as defined in the Regulation respecting the definition of resident in Québec.
  • The formulaire de confirmation (confirmation form) (PDF 220 Kb).
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation, typed on the official letterhead of the educational institution from which they originate, and signed in ink. These letters must be sent by their signatories or by the educational institution directly to the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur.
  • Official transcripts of your university or college studies, as applicable.

You must gather your application documents into a single, compressed, encrypted and password-protected folder. Then send it to the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur at the following email address:

You must provide the Ministère with your password separately. This can be done using an email separate from the one containing the encrypted folder.

Selection process

An evaluation committee examines the applications in accordance with the following criteria:

  • previous educational experience
  • relevance of the study plan or research project (expected spin-offs for the host and home communities, and for the applicant’s personal journey)
  • motivation (e.g. interest in discovering the culture and learning the language of the host country)
  • careful presentation of the application

The government offering the scholarships makes the final selection.

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Last update: February 23, 2023


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