Once an association receives accreditation:

  • it is recognized by the authorities as the only organization representing the students
  • it can state the institution’s obligations with regard to the association (the institution must provide the association with a room, bulletin boards, list of students)
  • it has sole authority to appoint students to sit on the institution’s council and other committees
  • it can finance its activities because membership fees become compulsory for every person registered at the institution and represented by the association

The main purpose of an association is to represent students and to promote their common interests, such as the administration of their educational institution.


To be accredited, associations must meet two conditions:

  • be constituted under Part III of the Companies Act, chapter C-38 This hyperlink will open in a new window., for example, by being registered with the Québec Registraire des entreprises
  • have obtained a majority of votes cast in a secret ballot, provided that the majority comprises at least 25% of the students who are registered at the college or university concerned by the accreditation


At least 15 days before the scheduled opening of the poll, the association must send a notice, by email, to the accreditation agent at the Ministère indicating the place, schedule and date(s) of the poll and the group of students concerned (e.g. students in the same department or faculty).

Following receipt of this notice, the accreditation agent must ensure that polls are properly and regularly held. For that purpose, the agent may prescribe the polling procedures to be followed by the student association. Accreditation polls must take place between September 15 and November 15 or between January 15 and March 15.

If the results are in favour of the association, it has until December 1 or April 1, depending on the period in which the poll was held, to submit a written application for accreditation.

The accreditation agent must render a decision within 30 days following either December 1 or April 1, whichever is applicable.

Appealing a decision

If the association wants to appeal the accreditation agent’s decision, it must do so within 45 days of that decision by writing to the secretary’s office of the Comité d’accréditation des associations d’étudiants.

For further information, please contact the person responsible for student services at your college or university.