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Costs of studies and living

To study in Québec, you must demonstrate your financial capacity to cover all the costs below:  

Tuition fees  
Tuition fees are the amounts charged by your educational institution to enrol in your study program. 

Transportation costs 
Transportation costs are the amounts required to make the round trip from your country of origin.  

Living expenses  
Living expenses cover the expenses of daily life in Québec.  

The following are the amounts, in Canadian dollars, that you must have between January 1 and December 31, 2024. They may vary depending on the age and number of people included in your application: 

  • One person under the age of 18: $7,541 
  • One person aged 18 and over: $15,078
  • Two people aged 18 and over: $22,115
  • Two people aged 18 and over and one person under the age of 18: $24,773 
  • Two people aged 18 and over and two people under the age of 18: $26,737 

Settlement fees for the first year 
The settlement fees for your first year is $500 Canadian.  

Costs of health and hospital insurance  
You must demonstrate that you can assume the costs of health and hospital insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Québec for you and all accompanying family members. 

You do not have to prove your financial capacity for insurance if:  

  • You demonstrate that you have valid health and hospital insurance in Québec; 
  • Your country of origin has a social security agreement with Québec.  

To demonstrate your financial capacity and support your application for temporary selection for studies, you must provide proof that you are able to cover these costs

Last update: December 19, 2023


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