You must submit the required documents for your application for temporary selection for studies:

After submitting your application for temporary selection for studies, you will receive a personalized reminder containing the documents and forms that you must submit.   

The documents must be in French or English. Documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a translation signed and certified by a professional translator

Additional documents are required if your application concerns a child under the age of 17.

A photocopy of the identity pages of your passport

The following information must appear:  

  • Your personal information; 
  • Your picture; 
  • Your passport expiry date. 

A letter of admission from your educational institution in Québec

The letter must include contact information for your educational institution in Québec and information about your program of study in Québec, including:  

  • Name of program of study; 
  • Start and end date; 
  • Number of credits; 
  • Number of course hours completed in Québec and abroad, if applicable; 
  • Number of internship hours, if applicable; 
  • Conditions for admission; 
  • If you are part of an exchange program; 
  • Amount of tuition fees. 

Your proof of financial capacity 

 You must submit a copy of one or more of the following documents proving your financial capacity to pay all the costs associated with studying in Québec:  

Recent proof of funds transfer  

It can also be proof of your assets and other sources of income. 

Recent authorization for funds transfer from the currency exchange control office of your country of origin or residence  

This proof is accepted if your country limits the outflow of funds. 

Recent official confirmation of the award of scholarships or bursaries  

It must indicate the monthly and annual amounts to be received. 

Pay slips  

They must be recent.

Bank letter(s) 

The bank letter(s) must indicate your current balance. You can use this bank letter (PDF 36 Kb) as a template.   

Your most recent income tax notice of assessment  

It must specify your annual income. 

Bank statement for the last three months  

It must show current balance indicating the name of the account holder and indicate the current balance of your account. 

Up-to-date bank book 

You must also provide proof of ownership of the book. 

Financial support from another person 

If the costs related to your study trip in Québec are covered by another person, you must submit the following documents: 

For the financial support of a child under the age of 17 who comes to study in Québec, see the section Documents tosubmitfor children under the age of 17.   

Other documents

Other documents may be required to complete your application for temporary selection for studies.