You must submit a new application for temporary selection for studies if you are in one of the following situations:  

  • Your studies continue after the end date of your Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ); 
  • You change level of studies;
  • You are postponing the start of your study program by more than one semester.

It is advisable to apply at least three months before the expiry date of your study permit.  

The steps are the same as for your first application:  

  • Obtain a letter of admission from a designated educational institution in Québec; 
  • Complete your online application for temporary selection for studies; 
  • Submit the required documents online through the Arrima platform; 
  • Obtain a study permit from the federal government.  

Your proof of financial capacity must be up to date and you must sign new declarations.  

General notice

If you plan to travel outside Canada and your authorizations to study in Québec are coming to an end, it is best to apply before leaving.