Some international students may be exempt from the differential tuition fees that would normally be required for their studies in Québec. This form of financial support entitles them to pay the same tuition fees as Québec students to pursue vocational training, technical training or university studies. 

Eligible clientele  

The following categories of people may be exempt from the differential tuition fees normally required of international students, under certain conditions: 

  • Personnel on diplomatic missions, their spouse and their children (up to age 25) 
  • Personnel from a government or non-government organization based in Québec 
  • Refugees, persons who are protected or persons in need of protection, who hold a Québec Selection Certificate with the code RA or R8 
  • Spouses and children (up to age 22) of temporary workers who hold a work permit bearing the name of an employer and workplace in Québec, or a work permit issued under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program 

Persons authorized in Canada to submit an application for permanent residency and who hold a Québec Selection Certificate under the category “Family reunification,” ”Refugee family member” or “Humanitarian case.” 

Other exemptions relating to immigration status are outlined in the operating budget rules for school service centres and school boards This hyperlink will open in a new window..