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School Principals and Administrators - Elementary and Secondary Education

Job description

School Principals coordinate the activities of school personnel. These individuals work in public or private primary or secondary schools.

Curriculum Administrators coordinate activities related to pedagogy. They are employed by school service centres at the elementary and secondary levels.


  • Controlled ambient temperature

Main tasks

School Principals

  • Organize, direct, and evaluate the activities of teachers and support staff.
  • Supervise department heads and supervisors.
  • Participate in the development of educational programs.
  • Ensure that programs conform to the current standards of the school service centre or province.
  • Administer the school’s budget.
  • Direct maintenance services and the use of school facilities.
  • Hire staff.
  • Teach, as required.

Administrators of educational programs at the primary and secondary levels

  • Collaborate in the management of pedagogical services with school principals.
  • Evaluate and revise curricula and teaching methods.
  • Participate in public activities related to various programs in the school system.
  • Develop and administer education and training programs.
  • Make recommendations regarding the annual budget allocated to the school.
  • Recruit, appoint, train, and evaluate teachers.

Advancement and mobility

  • There is little mobility between the posts of Primary School Headmaster and Secondary School Headmaster.

Hourly wage

The hourly wage is calculated by averaging wages from 2020 to 2022.

Job prospects for 2023-2027


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Job prospects

All of Québec


All of Québec

Non available

Total jobs for 2022

All of Québec


All of Québec


Gender distribution

All of Québec

Not available.
67.6% Female
32.4% Male

Not available.
  • 67.6% Female
  • 32.4% Male

Job types

All of Québec

Not available.
Full time
Part time

Not available.
  • Full time
  • Part time

Yearly wage on 2020

All of Québec


All of Québec

Other characteristics

All of Québec

  • None

All of Québec

  • None

Sectors of activity

All of Québec

Not available.
  1. NAICS 61
    100% of jobs
  2. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  3. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  4. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  5. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  6. Others
    0% of jobs

All of Québec

Not available.
  1. NAICS 61
    100% of jobs
  2. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  3. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  4. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  5. NAICS 91
    0% of jobs
  6. Others
    0% of jobs

Training and requirements


Numerous training and study programs lead to managerial or executive positions.

Also required

  • Bachelor’s in Education.
  • Several years of experience as a teacher or head of department.
  • Authorization to teach.
  • Permanent teaching certificate for school principals.

Sometimes required

  • A Master’s degree in education may be required.
  • A Principal’s certificate is sometimes required for principals.
  • A Supervisory Officer’s Certificate may be required for Administrators of Elementary and Secondary Education Programs.

Main skills and characteristics


  • Data collection
  • Active listening
  • Oral expression
  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical thought
  • Social perception
  • Learning strategies
  • Information processing
  • Written expression
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Coordination
  • Result evaluation
  • Human resource management
  • Solving complex problems
  • Active learning
  • Teaching
  • Systems evaluation
  • Time management
  • Service oriented
  • Negotiation
  • System analysis
  • Financial resource management
  • Persuasion
  • Material resource management
  • Mathematics


  • Oral comprehension
  • Verbal skills
  • Speech clarity
  • Written comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Speech recognition
  • Awareness of issues
  • Classification
  • Information organization
  • Near vision
  • Originality
  • Idea generation
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Processing flexibility
  • Distance vision
  • Selective attention
  • Time sharing

Knowledge and attributes

  • Diplomacy
  • Leadership
  • Political sense
  • Knowledge of personnel and human resource management
  • Knowledge of the French language
  • Autonomy
  • Capacity to influence and mobilize
  • Capacity to network
  • Versatility
  • Pedagogical knowledge


  • Direct, organize, and manage
  • Draft, communicate, and inform
  • Work with numbers
  • Work in an office

Personality profiles (RIASEC)

People with this profile prefer to be in contact with others, in particular to entertain, help or teach them.
People with this profile prefer relying on theoretical knowledge before acting. They like observation, analysis and problem solving.
People with this profile prefer specific, well-defined tasks. They like to respect the order of things and follow established rules.

Official name of the NOC 40021

School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education

Job titles

  • Chief superintendent - schools
  • Assistant principal
  • Principal
  • Elementary school principal
  • School superintendent
  • Board of education administrator
  • Assistant district school superintendent
  • Area superintendent - schools
  • Community school principal
  • Technical high school principal
  • Aboriginal school principal
  • Director of school for the visually impaired
  • Director of school for the hearing impaired
  • Director of school for the blind or deaf
  • Private school headmaster/mistress
  • High school principal
  • College principal - secondary level
  • Business college principal
  • Private primary college principal
  • District school superintendent
  • Director of education - correctional institution
  • Superintendent of elementary education
  • Superintendent of special education
  • Superintendent of operations - schools
  • Hall principal - secondary school
  • Superintendent of education programs
  • Academic superintendent
  • Superintendent of elementary schools
  • Superintendent of education programs in public schools
  • Superintendent of student services
  • Superintendent of educational services
  • Superintendent of professional development - schools
  • Academic dean – high school
  • Assistant superintendent of schools
  • Assistant school district superintendent
  • Superintendent of secondary schools

Skill type

Education, law and social, community and government services

Last update: February 14, 2024


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