Educational Counsellors

Job description

These individuals advise students on their schooling. They can also provide them with career and personal development support. This group includes guidance counsellors, individual educational assistants, and career and academic information counsellors. These individuals work in:

  • Secondary schools
  • School centres
  • Post-secondary institutions (CEGEP, university)
  • Employability organizations
  • Private practice


  • Controlled ambient temperature

Main tasks

  • Advise and inform students about studies and careers.
  • Coordinate co-op and school-to-work transition programs.
  • Provide counselling services.
  • Administer and interpret various tests (interests, personality, aptitudes, etc.).
  • Train, coordinate, and facilitate groups and workshops.
  • Coordinate orientation programs.
  • Advise students on personal and social issues.
  • Ensure student recruitment and placement.
  • Oversee school-based peer support programs, as required.
  • Supervise interns.

Advancement and mobility

Guidance Counsellors

  • These individuals may specialize in academic guidance, personal, or social counselling, or career counselling.
  • A permit issued by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (Quebec Order of Psychologists) enables these individuals to use the title of Psychotherapist and to practice psychotherapy.

Hourly wage

The hourly wage is calculated by averaging wages from 2020 to 2022.

Job prospects for 2023-2027


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Job prospects

All of Québec

Very good

All of Québec

Non available

Total jobs for 2022

All of Québec


All of Québec


Gender distribution

All of Québec

Not available.
82.9% Female
17.1% Male

Not available.
  • 82.9% Female
  • 17.1% Male

Job types

All of Québec

Not available.
Full time
Part time

Not available.
  • Full time
  • Part time

Yearly wage on 2020

All of Québec


All of Québec

Other characteristics

All of Québec

  • Non traditional for men
  • None

All of Québec

  • Non traditional for men
  • None

Sectors of activity

All of Québec

Not available.
  1. NAICS 61
    86% of jobs
  2. NAICS 624
    4% of jobs
  3. NAICS 91
    2% of jobs
  4. NAICS 81
    2% of jobs
  5. NAICS 55, 56
    2% of jobs
  6. Others
    4% of jobs

All of Québec

Not available.
  1. NAICS 61
    86% of jobs
  2. NAICS 624
    4% of jobs
  3. NAICS 91
    2% of jobs
  4. NAICS 81
    2% of jobs
  5. NAICS 55, 56
    2% of jobs
  6. Others
    4% of jobs

Training and requirements

Also required

Guidance Counsellors

  • Licence to practice.
  • Membership in the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d'orientation du Québec (Quebec Order of Guidance Counsellors) to use the title of guidance counsellor.

Main skills and characteristics


  • Data collection
  • Active listening
  • Oral expression
  • Social perception
  • Reading comprehension
  • Service oriented
  • Written expression
  • Critical thought
  • Active learning
  • Coordination
  • Teaching
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Persuasion
  • Solving complex problems
  • Result evaluation
  • Negotiation
  • Learning strategies
  • Time management
  • Information processing
  • System analysis
  • Systems evaluation
  • Human resource management


  • Verbal skills
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral comprehension
  • Awareness of issues
  • Written expression
  • Speech clarity
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Idea generation
  • Information organization
  • Speech recognition
  • Selective attention
  • Originality
  • Near vision
  • Classification

Knowledge and attributes

  • Capacity to establish and maintain interpersonal relations
  • Critical thinking
  • Autonomy
  • Capacity to adapt
  • Capacity to work in a team
  • Versatility
  • Rigour
  • Sense of initiative
  • Commitment to quality
  • Capacity to facilitate a group


  • Draft, communicate, and inform
  • Assist and advise
  • Assist or care for people

Personality profiles (RIASEC)

People with this profile prefer to be in contact with others, in particular to entertain, help or teach them.
People with this profile prefer having responsibilities, influencing others and responding to challenges.
People with this profile prefer specific, well-defined tasks. They like to respect the order of things and follow established rules.

Official name of the NOC 41320

Educational counsellors

Job titles

  • Guidance Consellors
  • Career counsellor - education
  • Counselling intern
  • Personal academic counsellor
  • School counsellor
  • Co-op officer - schools
  • School adjustment officer
  • Student affairs and employment officer
  • Independent or applied studies officer
  • Education officer
  • Co-op placement officer - school
  • School guidance department head
  • Guidance service head
  • College counsellor
  • University counsellor
  • First nations studies program academic adviser
  • Indigenous advisor – college
  • Student counsellor
  • Counsellor for aboriginal students
  • International student adviser
  • Student services counsellor
  • First nations counsellor - education
  • Academic adviser
  • Academic skills counsellor
  • Co-op program coordinator - school
  • Student employment services coordinator
  • Educational guidance director
  • Guidance counsellor - education
  • Learning and study skills specialist

Skill type

Education, law and social, community and government services

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