The Allowance for Integration into Childcare (the Integration Allowance) is an additional source of funding granted to a subsidized educational childcare provider for acceptance of a child who has an impairment causing a significant and persistent disability and who is likely to encounter barriers during the integration process.

The Integration Allowance is intended to help childcare providers to address the child’s needs and support his or her overall development by offering the additional assistance needed to ensure basic care, proper integration and social participation in everyday experiences at the childcare facility – for example, playtime, routines and transitions.


Childcare centres (CPEs), subsidized daycare centres and home childcare providers to whom an educational home childcare coordinating office has assigned subsidized spaces are all eligible for the Integration Allowance.

To obtain the Integration Allowance, a childcare provider must:

  • Comply with the management conditions established by the directive and the eligibility conditions set out in the budget rules and rules of occupation;
  • keep the following documents in the parental file:
    • an attestation of the child’s disability, i.e. either proof of eligibility for the Supplement for Handicapped  Children (SHC) offered by Retraite Québec or a report by a professional recognized by the Ministère;
    • the integration plan and annual updates;
    • the report of steps taken and results obtained, produced before each update to the integration plan or when the child leaves the childcare facility.

Admissible expenses

Expenses relating to:

  • management of the child’s file;
  • implementation of the integration plan:
    • the material resources required;
    • the other measures to be implemented.

Note that expenses incurred to fund the services of a professional resource or a specialized firm for the provision of individual, regular and ongoing rehabilitation services are not admissible.

Help and resources

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    If you need help with the application process, please contact the Customer Relations Centre at the Ministère de la Famille:

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