This allowance is offered to subsidized childcare providers that wish to provide their services to a child aged 59 months or younger with a disability and is intended to reimburse expenses associated with the child’s integration into a group.

Presentation and purpose

The main purpose of this allowance is foster the integration of children with disabilities into a childcare centre by:

  • fostering their overall development
  • helping them to gradually adapt to group life
  • maximizing their participation in all centre activities

For the purposes of the allowance, a child with a disability is defined as a child with a deficiency causing a significant and persistent disability, who is likely to face obstacles in their integration into a childcare centre.


Subsidized childcare providers are eligible.

Reimbursable expenses

The funds granted under this allocation are divided into two parts:

  • The purchase or adaptation of materials or the physical layout of premises
  • The expenses associated with the remuneration, hiring or training of staff

The funds granted must not be used to pay for regular and ongoing adaptation and rehabilitation services, such as weekly follow-ups with a physiotherapist throughout the year. They may, however, be used to pay for ad hoc professional interventions with the child if these services facilitate the child’s integration into the childcare centre.

Claim process

In order to receive this allowance, a childcare provider must submit the following documents:

  • A certificate attesting the child’s disability issued by Retraite Québec or by a professional recognized by the Québec government, with signed recommendations as to the child’s integration needs (Sections D and E of the government’s Professional’s Report (PDF 189 Kb) form may be used for this purpose)
  • An integration plan (PDF 749 Kb) developed by the childcare provider in collaboration with the parents or guardian as well as with other stakeholders, if necessary

Support and resources

If you require support in the application process, please contact the Centre des services à la clientèle et des plaintes of the Ministère de la Famille by phone, at 18553368568.