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Outreach services for troubled youth and their families

Youth in difficulty (YID) services contribute to the health and wellbeing of youth in difficulty and their families. They combine services intended for youth from early childhood to adulthood. These services concern, among other things, problems associated with development or behaviour, violence, parental support, family relations and spousal separation.

Local services for youth and their families

Local services are a range of general, specific and specialized services adapted to the needs of the population. They can be offered by a public, private or community organization. Local services allow better access to the support resources available.

Receiving local services

Any youth or parent who wants to receive local services can contact :

They can also consult the Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS) or the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network (CIUSSS) website in their area to find out how to access youth services.

Services offered

Local services in CLSCs for youth and their families are free. They may be offered at the CLSC This hyperlink will open in a new window. or in the living environments of children, youth and families, such as in schools and daycares. In these cases, the people in these environments, particularly teaching staff and educators, are involved in the process. Thus, the CLSC professionals support them in their interventions with the children and youth.

Local services include, notably:

Psychosocial follow-up

Psychosocial follow-up provides individual, family or group help and support to children and parents with psychosocial problems (adjustment problem, behavioural problems, delinquency, suicidal thoughts, parenting deficiencies, spousal separation, etc.).


Psychosocial follow-up was established to prevent the situation from deteriorating and reduce the social adjustment problems or the consequences resulting from these problems.

Target clientele

These services are for children and their parents with personal, relationship or family psychosocial problems.

External rehabilitation services


The goal of rehabilitation services is to allow youth with limited or at-risk development resulting from a difficulty in interacting with their environment to reconnect with this environment. This could give them access to the resources they need to pursue their development, make full use of their abilities and realize their life plans as independently as possible.

Target clientele

Rehabilitation services are for children or youth who present relationship, behavioural and social adjustment problems or developmental delays. They are also for parents with parenting deficiencies.

Various parental support programs

These interventions consider the material, affective and social needs of children and parents, as well as parenting needs.


  • Develop or restore parenting skills.
  • Reduce the stress associated with parenting.
  • Encourage the social integration of families.
  • Resolve the crisis and equip the family to avoid further crises.
  • Develop or strengthen parenting skills.
  • Allow youth to adopt appropriate personal and social behaviour so they can stay in their living environment.

Target clientele

Youth and their families who are experiencing a difficult situation, a crisis, or particularly those with behavioural problems.

Last update: July 6, 2022


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