General notice

Online services This hyperlink will open in a new window. are available. They give you access to notices of decision or information regarding your application. You can also configure your account to receive email alerts when a message from the Ministère is delivered.

The drug cost estimate allows a pharmacist to estimate the cost of drugs prescribed by a physician. The form Estimation du coût des médicaments (SR-2171) (French only) (PDF 104 Kb) is to be filed or mailed to your Services Québec office. This may give you access to the claim slips.

Benefit amounts and payment dates

To find out the benefit amounts available, simply visit the following section: Benefit amounts for the current year.

To find out the dates on which payments are made, consult the following section: Benefit payment dates for the current year.

You can view the amount and the date of your next benefit payments in your online file.

View the amounts and dates of the benefits