Online services This hyperlink will open in a new window. are available. They give you access to notices of decision or information regarding your application. You can also configure your account to receive email alerts when a message from the Ministère is delivered.

You can call toll-free at 1 877 767-8773 to

  • find out what forms and documents you will need to apply for financial assistance;
  • ask to receive the forms by mail if you cannot get them at a Services Québec office.

Application for Financial Assistance

You may apply online.

Apply online

You  can also submit your application by completing the following two forms below.

Before you begin, carefully read the important information on the first two pages of the Application for Last-Resort Financial Assistance (3003-02A). They contain useful information.

If you have dependent children, you must also complete the Appendix –  Dependent Children form (3003-03A) (PDF 501 Kb)

You can consult your tax slips in your online file. The slips issued by the Ministère will be useful to complete your income tax return.

Simplified application for financial assistance for a person with a claim slips

You do not receive financial assistance and you have a claim slips (drug card).

Due to a change in your situation, you must apply for financial assistance. Special rules apply. To find out more, call an agent using our toll-free number: 1 877 767-8773.

Use the form Simplified application for last-resort financial assistance for persons who hold claim slips (3004A) (PDF 122 Kb).

First Application for Financial Assistance for an Asylum seeker

Asylum seekers and their accompanying family members can apply for financial assistance.

The first application for financial assistance must be made using the form First application for last-resort financial assistance – Refugee protection claimants (3002A) (PDF 303 Kb). This form is only to be used for the very first application.

Benefit amounts and payment dates

To find out the benefit amounts available, simply visit the following section: Benefit amounts for the current year.

To find out the dates on which payments are made, consult the following section: Benefit payment dates for the current year.

You can view the amount and the date of your next benefit payments in your online file.

View the amounts and dates of the benefits


If you have any questions concerning the Social Assistance Program or the Social Solidarity Program, call one of the numbers below: 

  • Montréal area: 514-873-4000 
  • Elsewhere in Québec: 1-877-767-8773 (toll free) 

This service is available during office hours. There are also other ways to contact us This hyperlink will open in a new window.