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Information and support services for people with disabilities

The Office des personnes handicapées du Québec offers customized help to people with disabilities, their families and caregivers throughout the service-access process.

This help is free and confidential. It is offered in every region of Québec and differs depending on your situation and needs. You can contact us even if you have not been diagnosed.

Intake, information and referral

The Office’s staff are available to:

Call on us about any subject related to the social participation of people with disabilities, including:

  • childcare;
  • school or the workplace;
  • adapted housing;
  • culture and tourism;
  • transportation.

Are you a social worker? Are you an Office partner? Or do you simply want information about the services offered to people with disabilities? Feel free to contact us whoever you are.

Support and advice

The Office can also:

  • help you access a program or service;
  • help you approach service providers (organizations or people);
  • advocate on your behalf;
  • at your request, start the process of obtaining a service plan for you.

Service plans

The Office can get the service plan process started by:

  • assessing your needs;
  • contacting the different workers;
  • linking with the person responsible for the service plan;
  • accompanying you to or representing you at meetings.

Service plans lay out a strategy adapted to your needs. They can also be useful if you are dissatisfied with the services received or if services are interrupted.

You, your family, and informal caregivers and workers from various fields draw up your service plan together. The solutions chosen are written into your service plan that details:

  • your expectations and needs;
  • the list of services needed;
  • service providers (organizations or people).

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Last update: February 2, 2024


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