Research and innovation are front and centre in the Québec government's economic vision

Over the years, Québec has established a scientific research base of international calibre. Links have been forged between stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem. Québec is positioning itself as a leader in innovative fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum technologies.

The government is determined to bolster the prosperity of all Quebecers. Research and investment in innovation are the focus of this vision for the future. Such a vision hinges on the marketing of innovative technologies, the intensification of our innovation culture, and the consolidation of synergy between the research sector and businesses operating in sectors in which Québec enjoys an advantage.

The Québec research and innovation investment strategy is a mainstay of the innovation ecosystem

The strategy in a nutshell

  • A vision for the future: a bold, ambitious Québec that invests in sustainable, inclusive research and innovation to excel at the global level and create more economic and social wealth.
  • By 2027, reduce by at least half the labour productivity gap with Ontario in the corporate sector.
  • More than $7.5 billion will be invested over the next five years to equip Québec with a solid base in research and innovation, including:
    • $1.3 billion in budgetary appropriations to implement the 2022-2027 QRIIS2;
    • $600 million in investment capital financing operations;
    • $75 million under the Québec Infrastructure Plan.

Five strategic priorities and 12 key initiatives

1 - Excel in research, science, and technology:

  • support the initiatives of the Fonds de recherche du Québec;
  • promote synergy in the research ecosystem.

2 - Create an environment conducive to the development of innovation:

  • transfer and value research findings;
  • facilitate access to and promote ecosystem resources;
  • establish a regulatory environment conducive to innovation.

3 - Support in-company investments and the commercialization of innovations:

  • adapt R&D incentives and innovation support programs;
  • support innovative technological entrepreneurship;
  • foster investment and the commercialization of innovations.

4 - Develop talent and a scientific and innovation culture:

  • develop talent, the new generation of workers, and key skills in R&I;
  • develop a scientific and innovation culture.

5 - Rely on promising sectors and catalyst projects:

  • prioritize high-impact sectors and technologies;
  • resolve societal challenges through innovative solutions.

Invent, Develop, and market.

A new, more effective approach:

  • link all stakeholders in the innovation cycle, from the concept stage to commercialization;
  • make innovation support services simpler, more accessible, and better known among businesses and organizations to accelerate innovation projects;
  • ensure the government's contribution by adopting innovations in public institutions and enhancing the coherence of government initiatives;
  • strengthen accountability and ensure ongoing evaluation of measures and stakeholders to maximize their effectiveness;
  • rely on sustainable development and social innovation.