The Advisory Committee on Climate Change (the Committee) is a standing independent body created under the Act mainly to ensure effective governance of the fight against climate change and to promote electrification.

The Committee’s mission is to advise the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, at his request or on its own initiative, on orientations, programs, policies and strategies to tackle climate change. Since the Minister is responsible for coordinating government action in the fight against climate change, the Committee’s opinions will cover the various measures in this area.

The Committee must also give its views on revising the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target or adopting a new target.

In accordance with the law and in its desire for transparency, the Committee will publish the opinions it produces for the Minister on this page.


Through a process that it strives to make as accessible as possible, the Committee helps respond to the climate emergency and promote a transition that is just for everyone and that takes into account environmental, economic and social consequences. To this end, it presents opinions and recommendations that inform decision-making and the development of public policies to:

  1. Accelerate emissions reduction
    And thereby foster the achievement of GHG emissions reduction and carbon neutrality objectives;
  2. Increase adaptation
    And help minimize current and future climate change constraints.

In carrying out its mandate, the Committee takes into account the evolution of scientific and technological knowledge as well as scientific consensuses. When formulating and disseminating its opinions, the Committee also relies on consultation and collaboration processes involving a plurality of civil society actors.


The Committee is composed of 12 members (PDF 3.06 Mb) (French) serving on a voluntary basis for a three-year term. The majority of the members come from the scientific community. Its composition and work practices are characterized by interdisciplinarity.

The Committee is chaired by Professor Alain Webster and includes the following members:

  • Mr. Alain Bourque
  • Professor Jérôme Dupras
  • Mr. Charles Larochelle
  • Mr. Alain Lemaire
  • Professor Annie Levasseur
  • Professor Catherine Morency
  • Professor Pierre-Olivier Pineau
  • Professor Catherine Potvin
  • Mr. Hugo Séguin
  • Professor Lota Dabio Tamini
  • Ms. Kim Thomassin

The Committee members are supported in their work by observers and human resources.

Climate Action Grants

The program is intended to offer graduate students from several disciplines the opportunity to participate in the future of Québec’s climate action. Selected individuals will make use of their talents by providing scientific advice on climate change to support the Committee’s activities.

In particular, the program will seek to:

  • Support studies that are useful to the Committee’s work, particularly to advise the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change;
  • Develop the knowledge translation skills of students in order to address major societal challenges;
  • Foster the emergence of a new generation of seasoned professionals to deal with the complexity of the fight against climate change, particularly with regards to public policies.

For further information : Climate Action Scholarship Program web page This hyperlink will open in a new window.

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Last update: August 10, 2022