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Indigenous Projects (Projets ponctuels autochtones)

Introduction and Objectives

In general, this program seeks to enable the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Premières Nations et les Inuit (SRPNI) to support the carrying out of specific initiatives focused on Québec’s Indigenous milieu, in complementarity with measures offered by other Government of Québec departments and bodies. The program targets the following specific objectives:

  • Help to establish and further develop harmonious relations and partnerships between Indigenous and the Government of Québec, as well as between Indigenous and the public, particularly by providing information and raising awareness;
  • Support the carrying out of one-time initiatives, projects, and events that are significant in scope and that foster the social, community, or cultural development of Québec’s Indigenous milieu.


Funding applications may be submitted primarily by the following applicants:

  • Indigenous communities (band councils, tribal councils, northern villages);
  • Non-profit Indigenous organizations (Indigenous NPOs);
  • Non-profit organizations Read the content of the note 1 ;
  • Groupings of Indigenous NPOs, nations, or communities;

Eligible projects

Funding allocated by the SRPNI under this program must enable the carrying out of specifically defined actions over a fixed period, mostly taking place during the fiscal year concerned. No project funded can be automatically renewed; it must be the subject of a new funding application in a subsequent fiscal year.

In the current context, only projects deemed essential will be considered.

Evaluation criteria

  • Relevance and quality of the project;
  • Likely and significant outcomes for Québec’s Indigenous milieu;
  • Number and quality of partnerships;
  • Support from the Indigenous milieu;
  • Demonstration of financial need;
  • Projected outcomes following anticipated public support;
  • Eligibility for the Indigenous Initiatives Fund IV, as well as for the programs offered by other Government of Québec departments and bodies Read the content of the note 2 .

Allocation of Funding

Funding allocated in the context of the program varies, according to the assessment of the project based on the established evaluation criteria. Normally, the financial support provided is less than $5000 per project or per initiative and must be complementary.

Eligible expenses include those directly related to carrying out the project, not covered by other means, and considered reasonable. Representation expenses, donations, sponsorships, support for the overall mission or the operations of organizations, as well as projects taking place outside of Québec are excluded from the program. The funding allocated normally takes the form of a non-refundable contribution (grant).


Organizations receiving a grant through the financial assistance programs of the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Premières Nations et les Inuit (SRPNI) agree to mention the assistance received from the Government of Québec or the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Premières Nations et les Inuit in all public communications related to the project. To learn more, consult the page Visibility in the context of agreements.


Any one-time project funded by this program must be properly accounted for. A simplified final report including a breakdown of the project’s actual costs and income must be submitted to the SRPNI; this applies to all projects receiving a contribution in the context of One-Time Indigenous Projects Read the content of the note 3 .

Application Submissions

Applicants must submit their official funding applications, using the form, either electronically or by mail.

It is recommended that the application be submitted several months before launching the project. The SRPNI reserves the right to exclude any project started or completed before the submission of the funding request. For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, projects may be submitted until March 31, 2024.

Contact information

  • Emails
  • Address

    Projets ponctuels autochtones (PPA)
    Secrétariat aux relations avec les Premières Nations et les Inuit
    905, avenue Honoré-Mercier, 1er étage
    Québec (Québec)  G1R 5M6

  • Footer note number 1
    The project’s Indigenous dimension must be explicit, and support from the Indigenous milieu is expected when required and possible; this applies to any project presented by a non-Indigenous applicant. Back to the reference of the note 1
  • Footer note number 2
    Projects that are eligible under other government programs may be refused. This program is intended as a complementary funding tool. Back to the reference of the note 2
  • Footer note number 3
    The SRPNI reserves the right to reduce its contribution after examining the project’s actual income and expenses; it also reserves the right to not allocate a new grant to promoters who did not respect their prior commitments under this program. Back to the reference of the note 3

Last update: February 23, 2023


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