Telehealth activities are found in a variety of clinical fields and specialties.

A brief description of activities that can be carried out in telehealth is provided below.


A consultation can be carried out remotely between a patient and a health care professional. The purpose of a consultation is to make or confirm a diagnosis, monitor how the patient’s condition is evolving or readjust a treatment plan.

Case discussion

A case discussion refers to communication between various health care professionals. Sometimes the patient is included. The purpose of a case discussion is to monitor how a patient's condition is evolving, readjust a treatment plan or obtain a second opinion.


Interpretation is a clinical activity carried out by health care professionals. Images or other exam results are interpreted remotely. The objective is to make a diagnosis or obtain a second opinion for a patient.

Patient education

During a remote education activity, a patient is given information about their illness, their symptoms or how to self-administer a specific treatment. The objective is to help the patient better manage his health.


Assistance refers to a clinical procedure performed by a care provider with a patient or their family with the assistance of a second care provider who shares their expertise remotely.


An intervention is a clinical procedure or treatment performed remotely by a health care professional in collaboration with a patient or their family.


A health care team can monitor a patient’s health by receiving information and results electronically. This information helps to plan the required intervention.

Last update: February 25, 2021


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