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Telehealth scope

Telehealth activities can be found in a various clinical and specialties areas.

To avoid the use of a multitude of terms, telehealth practices have been categorized into six main activities. These are general and cover all needs in clinical practice.


Activity carried out remotely by a professional in order to offer his services to one or more users. The purpose of teleconsultation is to establish or confirm a diagnosis, to monitor the evolution of the condition or to readjust a treatment plan.

Example: A cancer patient uses his computer to meet virtually with his oncology pivot nurse (OPN).


Activity carried out remotely by a professional with another professional, allowing him to give an advice on a clinical case.

Example: A family physician requests a clinical advice from a specialist via a computer platform dedicated to this function.


Activity carried out remotely by a professional with another professional, allowing him to assist in carrying out a clinical task in the presence of the patient.

Example: A stomotherapist nurse assists a nursing colleague in a CHSLD while taking care of a resident’s wound. The care nurse uses a mobile telehealth cart equipped with a computer and a camera.


Activity of surveillance carried out remotely by a professional on a user. The surveillance is done with the help of clinical data transmitted through information technologies and allows determining the required clinical follow-up.

Example: A person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) uses his digital tablet at home to answer questions about his condition and symptoms on a daily basis. His respiratory therapist takes into account the results received to adjust treatment and schedule a meeting if needed.


Activity carried out remotely by a professional with one or more people (user or professional), allowing the transfer of knowledge. In the case of a user, teleeducation allows information to be provided about his illness, his symptoms or the actions to be taken to administer a particular treatment.

Example: A kinesiologist from a cardiac rehabilitation center shows exercises to a group of participants at home during a live virtual session.

Remote court appearance

Activity carried out remotely in conjunction with the judicial system, allowing a person involved in a legal process related to his or her mental condition to obtain a hearing or an appearance within the required timeframe. This service is offered in partnership with the Ministère de la Justice.

Example: A person admitted to a legal psychiatric unit appears before a judge through a secure video calling application, without the need to travel and spend several hours at the courthouse.

Last update: March 9, 2023


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