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Savour your food

Being aware of what you are eating is part of healthy eating.

Pay attention to the meal you are eating. Use your senses to savour every mouthful and to clearly identify the textures, smells and flavours of the food. Get to know what you like best and stay open to discovering new foods. Eat what you enjoy and make choices based on what you like, your culture, your budget and your lifestyle. Develop a healthy attitude toward food.

Remove distractions

Distractions during meals can prevent you from appreciating the food you are eating and even cause you to eat and drink more.

Televisions, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices are some of the most common distractions during mealtimes. Put screens away when you are eating and take time to savour and fully appreciate the food you are eating.

Eating and sharing healthy food with family or friends makes mealtimes enjoyable and is also an excellent way to build and strengthen ties.

Take time to eat

Set aside time to savour your meals and snacks, wherever you are.

By taking time to eat slowly and with attention, you will:

  • get more satisfaction from your meals and snacks;
  • be aware of your fullness signals and avoid overeating;
  • make healthier food choices;
  • become aware of your eating habits and food choices.

Last update: March 4, 2020


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