Choosing Quebec means wanting to live in a French-speaking society. According to the Charter of the French Language , French is the official language of Québec and its public institutions. French is the usual language of:

  • work
  • instruction
  • business
  • commerce
  • daily life

While living in Québec, you will use French every day. Speaking French will facilitate your integration and your participation in Québec society.

Learning French to immigrate to Québec

Your knowledge of French may be taken into account if you wish to immigrate to Québec permanently. Knowledge of French may also be required in some immigration programs if you wish to transition from temporary to permanent status.

To learn French in your country of residence, you can take French courses abroad.

Learning French to integrate into Québec society

Once in Québec, you will have several choices of courses to learn French. There are advantages to taking a Gouvernement du Québec French course. If you are an immigrant:

  • the courses focus on your integration into work and daily life
  • the courses are free
  • you may receive financial assistance