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Understanding the responsibilities and obligations related to the undertaking

An undertaking is a contract that binds you to the person you sponsor and to that person’s accompanying family members. You become that person's guarantor.

You will then have responsibilities and obligations to comply with for the entire duration of your undertaking. This is why your undertaking must be taken seriously.

If the person you sponsor is of adult age, that person must sign a declaration confirming a clear understanding of the nature and scope of the undertaking.

Term of undertaking

When you sponsor your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, the term of your undertaking is 10 years.

If your dependent child is accompanied by a dependent child of their own, the term of your undertaking to this child will also vary according to their age.

Child under age 16
Minimum age 10, up to age 18. The longer of the two periods is chosen. 

Child age 16 or over
Minimum 3 years, or up to age 25. The longer of the two periods is chosen

General notice

You may not terminate an undertaking once the person you sponsor has obtained a permanent residence confirmation or visa.

You must honour your undertaking for its entire term, regardless of the circumstances, for example even if: 

  • Your financial situation deteriorates;
  • You go through a separation or a divorce;
  • The person you sponsor obtains Canadian citizenship;
  • You or the sponsored person move(s) to another province.

Your responsibilities to the sponsored person

You have obligations to the person you sponsor and that person’s family members, whether they accompany the sponsored person. Your obligations take effect as soon as they obtain permanent residence.

Financial obligations

If the person you are sponsoring is unable to pay for their basic needs and those of their accompanying family members, you must provide for their basic needs.

This obligation applies for the entire term of your undertaking.

The costs of providing for the basic needs of sponsored persons include, but are not limited to:

Settlement and establishment costs in Québec

You must assume the costs for their:

  • Housing;
  • Furniture;
  • Travel;
  • Food;
  • Clothing.
Health-related costs

You must assume the costs not covered or not reimbursed by a public insurance plan for their:

  • Health care and services;
  • Prescription drugs.
Employment integration costs

You must assume the costs not covered by a government program for job preparation and job search or employment integration approaches for persons you sponsor.

Consequences if you fail to meet your financial obligations

You will be required to reimburse all sums, if the person you are sponsoring or an accompanying family member receives, during your undertaking, government assistance in the form of: 

  • Financial assistance of last resort (social assistance); 
  • Special benefits, such as eyeglasses, dental treatment or hearing aids; 
  • Accommodation, for example, in a public residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD). 

Support in integration approaches

You undertake to provide the necessary support to the person you are sponsoring and that person's family members in their integration approaches. For example, you need to provide them with help and support to:

  • Learn French or enroll in French courses;
  • Register their children for school;
  • Access public service;
  • Look for a job or make approaches for recognition of studies outside Québec;
  • Participate in community life in Québec.

If the person you are sponsoring and their accompanying family members are between the ages of 18 and 55, you must complete and sign a welcome and integration plan in section 9 of the Undertaking form – Family Class (PDF 695 Kb) (in French only) (new requirement as of November 23, 2023).

In this welcome and integration plan, you must indicate the actions you undertake to help those you are sponsoring, aged 18 to 55, in their efforts to settle and integrate in Québec.

For more information on the welcome and integration process, visit the page Welcoming and integration of the person you sponsor.

The sponsored person's responsibilities to you

The sponsored person must inform you:

  • How his or her basic needs are satisfied;
  • Any change of address, if he or she does not live with you;
  • Any approach with the aim of obtaining financial assistance, particularly government assistance.



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Last update: April 18, 2024


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