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Sending court documents to the Curateur public online

The online service for sending court documents is a web portal that lets you send the Curateur public legal applications of which it must be informed, e.g., an application to institute a protective supervision regime or an application to homologate a protection mandate.

It is an alternative to sending court documents by registered mail.

Send your court document

General notice

Access to the service in English

Service in English is reserved for individuals covered by the exceptions stipulated in the Charter of the French language. If you have navigated to this content, you confirm in good faith that you are such an individual.

Terms of use

The service is entirely free of charge and is intended mainly for lawyers and notaries. However, citizens who are representing themselves in court can also use it.

Certain information must be provided during its use, including:

  • Details of the legal proceeding in question (type of court, type of proceeding [and hearing date, where applicable], subject of the proceeding, and date of the proceeding [date the application was signed]);
  • Information on the identity of the person who filed the application. This information lets the Curateur public contact the person who submitted the application, as needed.

Process for sending a court document online

Any application of which the Curateur public must be informed may be communicated to it by a method other than service (through a bailiff).

The Curateur public ensures the confidentiality of this transmission method and the protection of the information submitted to it.

To submit your application, you must:

A confirmation will appear on the screen a few seconds after sending. 

General notice

Document size

The document size must not exceed 20 MB. If the application contains larger documents, it can be sent in two separate emails. This must be specified in a note.

Last update: June 1, 2023


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