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Amendment of an application after filing

Before the judgment is rendered, you can amend your application without obtaining authorization from the court. For example, you can replace, correct or complete the statements or conclusions it contains, allege new facts, or assert a right accrued since the notification of your application.

Some of these changes can be made using the interactive form, in particular to change the amount of your claim or amend, remove or complete a statement or conclusion. For this purpose you must return to your initial application to make the necessary changes.

After you specify that the application has already been filed, it will be marked "Amended application".

Some amendments will increase the amount of court costs payable. If this is the case, you will have to pay the extra amount before your amended application can be filed at the court office.

Once the amended application has been filed, the clerk will send a copy to the defendant, who will have 10 days to oppose it.

Your application may only be amended once using the interactive form. In addition, the form cannot be used to add, amend or remove the name of a defendant, remove or amend the name of an applicant, or change the courthouse. To make one of these changes, you must file a paper copy of the amended application at the court office for the Small Claims Division, specifying that you wish to amend your initial application.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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