A person under the age of 18 does not have the opportunity to exercise all their rights on their own. Most of the time, parents or guardians do it for them. However, as they get older, they gain more rights.

For example, from the age of 14, they gradually acquire rights with regard to their belongings. If they work, they can manage their salary on their own. The tutor must also inform the minor of the existence of his or her assets and how they are managed. If important decisions affecting their assets are to be made, they must be consulted and their opinions must be taken into account. The tutor must also give the minor a copy of the annual account and explain its contents. Gradually, they will need to be prepared to manage all of their assets on their own when they turn 18.

To learn more, see the Emancipation of the minor section.

Last update: February 7, 2023