Radar Speed Signs

A radar speed sign is an information tool that displays the speed of a vehicle. It can also show a feedback message telling a road user to slow down. The information is displayed instantly and is specific to each vehicle that moves toward the device.

Radar speed signs, also called driver feedback signs, among other names, are used to promote compliance with speed limits at specific locations, where traffic and excessive speed can pose risks to vulnerable users.

These devices cannot be used to issue fines, unlike photo radars and red light monitoring devices. They inform users of their speed and warn them if they exceed the speed limit.

The colour in which the speed is displayed depends on the road user’s speed, meaning it can be shown in:

  • Green if the speed limit is observed,
  • Yellow if the user’s speed is slightly over the limit, or
  • Red if the user’s speed moderately or vastly exceeds the limit.

Last update: July 31, 2023


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