Bikeway Use Rules

A bikeway is a lane designed for the exclusive use of cyclists or for shared use with other means of travel.

Bicycle Lanes

Bicycle lanes are reserved for cyclists and are delineated by markings or a different pavement. They are generally located on roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less to the right of other traffic lanes.

Cyclists have the right of way and usually must follow the direction of the traffic.

Designated Roadways

A designated roadway is a road shared by bicycles and vehicles. It uses a simplified signage and there is no dedicated bicycle lane. When riding your bicycle on a designated roadway, you must follow the same traffic rules as on other roads of the road network. Visit the Traffic rules for cyclists page for more information.

Bicycle Paths

Bicycle paths are for cyclists only. They are located separately from other traffic lanes or are separated by a physical barrier.

Priority to other vehicles at crossings

When a bicycle path crosses a roadway, cyclists don’t have priority. They must give the right of way to oncoming vehicles.

Multipurpose Trails

In addition to being accessible to cyclists, multipurpose trails may be used by other users such as pedestrians, in-line skaters, users of non-motorized or low-motorized vehicles. Multipurpose trails usually have wider lanes to facilitate use by all kinds of vehicles.

Bicycle Routes

A bicycle route is a public road, or part of one, on which cyclists are encouraged to ride. To learn more about this type of road, visit the Bicycle Routes page.

Paved Shoulders

A paved shoulder is a shoulder on which the pavement surface extends. The shoulder is then separated from the roadway by ground markings. Paved shoulders aim to improve cyclists’ safety.

Route verte

In Québec, there is a cycling network that is more than 5,000 km long. Called “Route verte,” it represents 42% of the approximately 12,000 km of bicycle paths in Québec. Furthermore, all along the cycling network and its regional branches, there are more than 500 tourist accommodation establishments and campsites that are certified “Bienvenue cyclistes!” meaning that they offer services and accommodations designed specifically for cyclists’ needs.

To learn more about this network, visit the Route Verte This hyperlink will open in a new window. website .

Last update: November 1, 2023


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