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Reregister an Enterprise in the Enterprise Register

Reregistration is the action taken by the Registrar to reinstate the Québec enterprise number (NEQ) assigned to a business at the time of its registration. Only certain types of enterprises can apply for reregistration when their registration has been cancelled on request or ex officio.

Enterprises that can reregister

The following types of enterprises may reregister at any time in the enterprise register:

  • Natural persons operating a sole proprietorship under a name that includes their surname and first name
  • Joint ventures
  • Associations and groups of people registered in the enterprise register

The following enterprises may reregister if they were not doing business in Québec between the time they were deregistered and the time they wish to reregister:

  • Partnerships not constituted in Québec
  • Legal persons not constituted in Québec
  • Natural persons operating a sole proprietorship under a name that does not include their surname and first name. Natural persons wishing to reregister must use the same NEQ already assigned to them by the Registrar, even if there is a change in activities, since this NEQ is unique and linked to the individual. It cannot be transferred to another person.

In the event that these companies have been doing business in Québec since their ex-officio cancellation, they must file an application for the revocation of an ex officio cancellation because they were obliged to be registered in the enterprise register during this period.

Enterprises that cannot reregister

The Québec enterprises listed below cannot reregister, as they are required to remain registered throughout their existence. If their registration was cancelled ex officio, they must file an application for the revocation of an ex officio cancellation. Such enterprises will keep the NEQ that they possessed prior to their cancellation.

The following Québec legal persons:

  • Business corporations (Business Corporations Act)
  • Non-profit legal persons (Companies Act, Part III)
  • Religious corporations (Religious Corporations Act)
  • Syndicates of co-ownership (Civil Code of Québec)

The following partnerships constituted in Québec:

  • General partnership (S.E.N.C.)
  • Limited liability partnerships (S.E.N.C.R.L.)
  • Limited partnerships (S.E.C.)

How to reregister an enterprise

To apply for reregistration, you must file a new declaration of registration, select the Réimmatriculation  option and enter the Québec enterprise number (NEQ) originally assigned to you.

You must use the service that corresponds to your company's legal form:

Enterprises not constituted in Québec

If you wish to reregister an enterprise that was constituted under a law other than a law of Québec, you must make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The enterprise's information is already published in another jurisdiction's register.
  • The information in the declaration of registration, such as the name of the enterprise, its domicile address and date of constitution, must be the same as the information declared in the other jurisdiction.
  • The enterprise must not have been dissolved.

The Registraire des entreprises reserves the right to refuse an enterprise's registration if any of these conditions are not met.

Legal obligations of the enterprise linked to the registration

Once reregistered, the enterprise will have to fulfill annual legal obligations. For more information, see Legal Obligations Stemming from Registration This hyperlink will open in a new window.(in French only) .

Fees and terms of payment

To find out about the fees applicable to reregistration, which are the same as for a declaration of registration, see Registraire des entreprises rates This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only).

Processing your application

If your application is compliant and complete and the required fees have been paid, the Registraire des entreprises will deposit the declaration in the enterprise register, which results in the reregistration of the enterprise.

Last update: July 31, 2023


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