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After submitting your application for admission to full-time French courses for immigrants

Once your admission application has been processed, you will receive messages in the message centre of your online account.

If your application is accepted:

  1. The first communication will confirm that you can attend a full-time French course;
  2. The second communication will confirm your registration and the location and start date of your course. You will also find information about the financial assistance to which you are eligible.

If your application is refused, you will receive a communication informing you of the decision, and you will be able to request a review of the decision This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only).

View your file online

You can consult your file online This hyperlink will open in a new window. to:

  • Follow up on your file;
  • Apply for childcare reimbursement;
  • View communications;
  • Update your file.

Course participation

Attendance in the courses is mandatory. To successfully learn French, you must:

  • Actively participate in your courses
  • Respect the rules of attendance and behaviour of your training facility;
  • Contribute to a good classroom environment. 

You may lose your access to courses or financial assistance if:

  • You are absent and your absences interfere with your learning and the smooth running of the class;
  • You behave inappropriately in a way that interferes with, either:
    • To the orderly conduct of the class,
    • To the continuation of your training;
  • You have a serious learning problem that your course cannot address. If this is the case, we may be able to assess your learning difficulties and redirect you to another course that can meet your particular needs;
  • If your training is given at a distance and you are not in Québec.

In the event that your training is interrupted, you can reapply for admission to a French course under certain conditions.


Your French language learning is assessed during your courses and at the end of each session.

Your results can be used as proof of your French skills This hyperlink will open in a new window. should you wish to apply for Canadian citizenship.

If you believe that your evaluation results do not reflect your French skills, you can request a grade review.

Depending on your training location, you have five working days after the last day of the session or the transmission of your results to submit a request for review.

Check with your training location for more information.


Last update: June 7, 2024


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