Description of full-time French courses for immigrants

Full-time French courses allow you to learn French quickly and to accelerate your integration in Québec.

They focus on life in Québec and cover, among other things:

  • The labor market;
  • Culture;
  • Values.

Courses Levels

The courses are designed for students at the beginner and intermediate levels.

An assessment test may be necessary to evaluate your knowledge of French. The assessment may:

  • last between 15 to 60 minutes; 
  • be done orally or sometimes written.

Free of charge

French courses are free. You have no registration or tuition fees to pay.

You may be required to pay a small fee if you participate in a cultural activity or an outing as part of your courses.


Full-time courses are given:

  • In class or, if needed, at a distance;
  • 5 days a week;
  • Monday through Friday;
  • Between 25 to 30 hours per week.

Generally, the course duration is 10 weeks.


A full time course will be offered to you regardless of where you live in Québec.

Classes are held in:

  • Universities;
  • Cégeps;
  • Community organizations;
  • School service centres or school boards.

For full time courses, we will suggest a location based on:

  • Your level of education;
  • Your preferred training location;
  • Site availability

Some courses are taught at a distance to meet the needs of certain students. You must be in Québec to take a distance learning course.

Last update: June 1, 2023


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