About The Québec Education Program

The Québec Education Program (QEP) comprises a structured set of elements that facilitate the successful completion of the educational project described therein. The various components of the QEP are rooted in the cultural, economic, geographical, historical, social and political realities of contemporary Québec society.

The QEP constitutes a common reference for all stakeholders in the school system and in society as a whole. It serves as a daily tool for teachers and as an essential framework for the school administration, staff, members of the governing board and parents. Its implementation is focused on competency development, in other words, the acquisition and mobilization by students of resources that include a body of established and shared knowledge.

Progression of Learning

The Progression of Learning complements each school subject by providing further information on the essential knowledge that students must acquire and be able to use each year. This tool is intended to assist teachers in planning both their teaching and the learning that their students are to acquire.

The knowledge to be acquired is presented in the Progression of Learning as a series of tables that reflect the organization of the learning content for each school subject. Each element of knowledge identified is associated with the year or years in which it is formally taught.
A uniform legend is used for all subjects to indicate what is expected of the students. The legend uses three symbols: an arrow, a star and a shaded box. For each element of knowledge identified, there are certain expectations, which are indicated as follows:

  • Arrow: The students learn this with guidance from the teacher.
  • Star: The students can do this by themselves by the end of the school year.
  • Shaded box: The students apply this knowledge.

Framework for the Evaluation of Learning

The Framework for the Evaluation of Learning provides guidelines for the evaluation of learning specific to each subject in the Québec Education Program in order to determine students' results, which will be communicated in the provincial report card.

For each subject, the framework defines the criteria on which the student's results must be based. These evaluation criteria are based on the criteria in the Québec Education Program. The framework stipulates the weighting of the competencies that makes it possible to determine the subject marks.

Section 19 of the Education Act stipulates that teachers are entitled “to select the means of evaluating the progress of students so as to examine and assess continually and periodically the needs and achievement of objectives of every student entrusted to (their) care.”

Last update: April 10, 2024


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