The Minister of the Environment, the Fight Against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks is ex officio the government’s advisor on all matters relating to the fight against climate change and ensures integrated governance at the government level. As a result, he ensures the Plan’s implementation and coordinates its execution. Its success is based on close collaboration among the principal ministries and agencies concerned with the fight against climate change.

Each ministry and agency is responsible for the performance of the actions it implements. To that end, coordination agreements have been signed between the responsible ministries and agencies and the Minister for carrying out the actions contained in the Plan. A management framework (PDF 432 Kb) (French), specifies the responsibilities as well as the planning and monitoring mechanisms that enable the Minister to fulfill his role as coordinator of government climate action. Various tools are made available to partner ministries and agencies in order to support them in exercising their responsibilities.

The results of a study assessing climate governance in North America and Europe (PDF 2.51 Mb) (French) show that Québec ranks among the best thanks to a well-established, comprehensive, rigorous and transparent framework. According to the report by Dunsky Energy + Climate, a renowned consulting organization in the field, Québec’s approach stands out notably for:

  • the annual update of its plan: the 2030 Plan for a Green Economy;
  • the exclusive focus on 2030 emission reduction projections based on fully defined and funded measures.

Last update: December 19, 2023


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