Teaching General Education in the Youth Sector, Vocational Training and Adult Education

Teachers carry out learning activities and participate actively in school life. They accompany students in their learning process and perform a variety of tasks in order to provide the best environment possible.

Main tasks

Preschool and elementary school teachers are usually responsible for a single group of students and teach a range of subjects. If they teach a specific subject, such as physical education, they work with several groups.

In secondary school, adult education and vocational training, teachers specialize in a specific subject or field (e.g. mathematics or social sciences in secondary school, beauty care or machining in vocational training) and usually teach several groups of students.

Teachers perform the following duties on a daily basis:

  • Prepare learning tools.
  • Teach classes.
  • Evaluate student learning and progress.
  • Collaborate with parents and school staff to meet students’ specific needs.
  • Organize educational, cultural, recreational tourism, sports, social and extracurricular activities.

Candidate profile

The main qualities required to become a teacher are interpersonal skills, a sense of organization and mastery of the subject taught.

  • Interpersonal skills
    • Create meaningful and lasting relationships.
    • Exert a positive influence on learning.
    • Be committed to educational success.
    • Demonstrate ethical behaviour in the exercise of the profession.
  • Sense of organization
    • Plan teaching and learning situations.
    • Create an environment conducive to learning for all students.
    • Optimize the use of their time at work.
  • Mastery of the subject taught
    • Learn and be proficient in the subject content.
    • Be proficient in the language of instruction, both spoken and written.
    • Make learning accessible to all students.
    • Render a professional judgment on the progression of learning.

For more information on the knowledge and competencies required to become a teacher and continue your professional development, consult the Reference Framework for Professional Competencies for Teachers (PDF 857 Kb).

Current salary

Between $46 527and $92 027 for a regular, full-time teacher. Teachers’ collective agreements expire on March 31, 2023.

For more information, consult the Teachers’ collective agreements website This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Working conditions

In addition to working in a stimulating and dynamic environment, full-time teachers have attractive working conditions and benefits:

  • Bank of sick days
  • Special leaves
  • Pension plan, group insurance

For more information, consult the collective agreement (In French) This hyperlink will open in a new window., which expires in April 2023.

Professional development

Each year, teachers are offered training and information sessions to help them develop their competencies throughout their career.

Teachers’ professional development is paid for by the school boards. There are many different types of continuing education and training:

  • Professional learning communities
  • Online courses available to everyone
  • University courses
  • Training offered by university researchers
  • Training offered by associations and learning communities
  • Training offered by the Ministère
  • Training offered by education consultants and in particular by the RÉCIT groups
  • Training for associate teachers
  • Training for mentor teachers
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Action research projects

Professional development on a variety of subjects is available in the classroom or online.

Last update: December 12, 2023


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