Documents to provide for in-home caregivers

In addition to the Application for temporary selection form, you must provide your employer with the following vouchers so they can follow up your application for temporary selection:

A photocopy of your diplomas and your academic transcripts 

You must include a photocopy of our diploma of secondary studies and the academic transcript that corresponds to it. 

A photocopy of your proofs of employment

For example:

  • Contracts of employment containing your job description and the number of working hours per week
  • Pay slips
  • Notices of assessment for the social security plan
  • Your work permit
  • Any other proof that you have been compensated legally for occupational experience

These proofs of employment serve to prove that your work experience was:

  • Acquired legally for one year 
  • Acquired over the three years preceding the filing of the application
  • Compensated
  • Performed full-time without interruption, during a minimum period of six months with the same employer
  • Performed in the in-home care provided to:
    • children
    • seniors
    • persons with disabilities; or
    • in any other related field


A photocopy of the vocational training certificate of competency 

The certificate must correspond to the field of employment in which you are hired.

The certificate serves to prove that you took training.

  • full time 
  • in a vocational school
  • during a period of at least six months

You must present the diploma and the corresponding academic transcript

A photocopy of your passport

A photocopy of the pages of your passport, including:

  • your name
  • your place of birth
  • your signature

A photocopy of the results of a language test

If your diploma does not prove you have studied in French or English, you must provide results of a language test. 

You must show you have at least the intermediate level of knowledge of French as a second language or English as a second language.

The following examinations are accepted:

Last update: June 26, 2023


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