Accepting or refusing the role of liquidator

There are no specific formalities for accepting or refusing the role of liquidator.

Accepting the role of liquidator

The designated liquidator may refuse the role, unless he or she is the deceased person’s sole heir. 

If he or she accepts, acceptance may be: 

  • explicit, if given verbally or in writing before the successors, heirs or notary;
  • tacit, if the person simply begins to act as the liquidator or accepts a legacy as remuneration for his or her services.

Acceptance of the role is valid only if it is given after the testator’s death. A person appointed as liquidator is not obliged to accept the role even if he or she promised to do so during the testator’s life.

Refusing the role of liquidator

Refusal must be explicit. 

It may take the form of a written statement prepared before a notary or with the help of a lawyer. 

It is preferable to refuse the role of liquidator in writing to avoid any risk of liability for settlement of the succession.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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