Driving on a Shared Street

A shared street is a public road, or part of one, on which pedestrians are allowed. They are identified by signage as well as particular layouts that allow for different types of users.

The following sign indicates a street where pedestrians have the right of way on the entire roadway and where the speed limit is 20 km/hr.

It can also be accompanied by the “Rue partagée” (shared street) sign, installed below it.

On a shared street, you must walk just like you would on other kinds of roads, except for the special rules described below.

On Foot

When you walk on a shared street, you can walk where and how you want. You can also cross the road wherever and whenever you want.

Riding a Bicycle

When riding your bicycle on a shared street, you must yield the right of way to any pedestrian walking or crossing the street.

In a Vehicle

When driving a vehicle on a shared street, you must not exceed a speed of 20 km/hr. You must also yield the right of way to any pedestrian or cyclist on or crossing the street.

Also, you do not have to respect the 1 m distance requirement when passing or crossing a pedestrian or cyclist, as long as there is enough space to manoeuver safely.

Last update: November 2, 2023


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