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About the Enterprise Register

The enterprise register is established under the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises This hyperlink will open in a new window., whose purpose is to protect the public and enterprises in their socio-economic and business relations.

Since January 1, 1994, all enterprises doing business in Québec are required to register.  Enterprises must declare the names and home addresses of their shareholders, directors, partners and officers who are not members of the Board of Directors, their activities, the addresses of their establishments and the other names under which they operate.

The register also enables you to find out whether an enterprise has fulfilled its obligation to produce its annual updating declaration, which consists of updating the information about it or confirming that the information entered in the register is up to date.

This register is a legal publicity vehicle for all enterprises doing business in Québec, regardless of their legal form. It is also a public information bank available to the public, who can consult the register quickly and easily, free of charge.

The Registrar deposits in the register the main information declared by enterprises constituted in Québec or carrying out activities there.

This information has legal value, and some of it is opposable against third parties. Read the content of the note 1

The information held in the enterprise register is public, and enterprises are responsible for the accuracy of the information they declare.

If you believe the register contains inaccurate information about an enterprise, contact the Registraire des entreprises (in French only).

  • Footer note number 1
    A bona fide third party taking legal action against an enterprise can rely on information declared in the register to do so, since most information declared in the register is presumed to be true. In other words, this third party can present a statement of information to a judge, and this document is proof of its content. Finally, a third party acting in good faith can refute information entered in the register; however, this information cannot be challenged by the enterprise itself against a third party acting in good faith. Back to the reference of the note 1

Last update: October 6, 2023


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