Respect the Eligibility Period

The eligibility period refers to the number of months you are eligible to receive financial assistance. It is assessed according to your level of education.

Once you reach the maximum number of months of bursary eligibility, you will receive your financial assistance in the form of a loan only. However, if you are eligible for financial assistance at the beginning of the award year, you will remain eligible for financial assistance throughout the entire year.

If you are no longer eligible, you can submit an exceptional case application.

Eligibility periods

The period of loan eligibility corresponds to the expected duration of your studies, plus 15 months. As for the bursary, it corresponds to the expected duration of studies, plus 6 months.

Eligibility periods by level of education
Level of educationExpected duration of studiesNumber of months of loan eligibilityNumber of months of bursary eligibility
Vocational training20 months35 monthsThe first 26 months
College (pre-university training18 months33 monthsThe first 24 months
College (technical training)27 months42 monthsThe first 33 months
University (undergraduate)24 months39 monthsThe first 30 months
University (master’s degree)16 months31 monthsThe first 22 months
University (doctoral degree)32 months47 monthsThe first 38 months

You can receive financial assistance for a maximum of 63 months in college and 88 months in university. Independent students enrolled full-time at a university are eligible for loans and bursaries for up to 8 months per level of study.

The eligibility period begins when allowable expenses are recognized for each month you are studying.
You will find more information in the “Eligibility Periods” section of the Student Financial Assistance brochure (PDF 1  Kb).

Last update: September 14, 2021


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