Allowable expenses

Allowable expenses under the Program are those deemed necessary for the pursuit of your studies. They are recognized for each month in which you are pursuing full-time studies.

The main allowable expenses are:

  • tuition fees and related expenses (registration, admission and fees related to instructional services, textbooks, school supplies, etc.)
  • living expenses (housing, food, personal expenses, public transit, special transportation costs)
  • children’s living expenses and childcare expenses as well as expenses for single‑parent families

You do not have to provide us with the amount of these expenses, as they are automatically determined based on your personal situation.

Additionnal expenses

Other expenses may be reimbursed. You must apply for them.

Allowable additional expenses are:

To obtain the list of all allowable expenses as well as the amount established for each, consult the "Allowable Expenses" section of the Student Financial Assistance brochure (PDF 1 Mb).

Allowance for training support materials

You could receive an additional amount of $500 per term. This amount is awarded in the form of a loan and must be repaid at the end of your studies. It allows for the purchase of additional educational materials such as a computer. You can request this at the time you apply for loans and bursaries, or later on by completing a Declaration of Change (PDF 158 Kb).  

Last update: May 16, 2024


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