Changes to Your Situation

It is your responsibility to notify us within 45 days of any changes to your situation or that of your parents, sponsor or spouse. The changes may relate to your income, academic path, family situation, etc.

The change could affect the amount of your financial assistance.

If you neglect to notify us, you could become liable for the immediate repayment of any assistance overpayments or be disqualified for the Loans and Bursaries program and the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies for two years.


We must receive all documents required as part of an application for student financial assistance no later than December 29 that follows the end of the award year.

Situation change during the year

Situation changes that occur during the award year are counted as of the month that follows the change. Academic path changes are also counted as of the following month with respect to allowed expenses or accrued interest on your student loan.

A change that occurs during the year could lead to the amount of recalculated financial assistance becoming less than the previous amount, but also perhaps less than the amount already paid out. In the latter case, all or part of any overpayments could be recovered during the current or subsequent years. The recovery method depends on whether it takes place before or after the loan-to-bursary conversion.

Reporting changes

Fill out the Declaration of Change form This hyperlink will open in a new window., modifying the information you previously provided in your Application for Financial Assistance.

Withdrawal or interruption of studies

You are responsible for notifying us if you withdraw from or interrupt your studies.

Processing your documents

Consult the processing dates for documents sent by regular mail or upload to Aide financière aux études.

For more information, please contact Aide financière aux études, Client Services.