Understanding Bursary Payment and Tax Slips

The financial assistance to which you are entitled is first paid to you in full in the form of a loan. If you are eligible for a bursary, it will automatically be used to repay part of your loan.  

For example, if you are eligible for a total of $8000 in financial assistance, consisting of a $2000 loan and a $6000 bursary, you will receive $8000 in the form of a loan.

After the verification of your income, the $8000 loan will be reduced by $6000, leaving a $2000 loan to repay.

Use tax slips for your income declaration

If a portion of your loan has been changed into a bursary, you will receive a tax slip which you must attach to your income declaration (tax return). This slip will be available in your Student Financial Assistance File This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Last update: November 12, 2021


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