How financial assistance is assessed

The assessment is based on your personal situation, that is:

The assessment determines your financial needs, meaning the amount you will need to pay for the expenses that are allowable under the Program and necessary for you to pursue your studies.

If your financial needs do not exceed the loan amount that we established based on your level of education, you will receive financial assistance in the form of a loan only. If they exceed this amount, you will also receive a bursary.

If your situation changes during the year (link to inform us) (e.g. new spouse, birth of a child, change in your income), you must advise us immediately. This could modify the amount of financial assistance to which you are entitled.

To have an idea of the amount you could receive, please use the Assessment Simulator or consult the Student Financial Assistance (PDF 1 Mb) brochure.

Last update: May 17, 2023


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