Married name

In Québec, both spouses keep their surname after they marry. In other words, you must use the surname you were given at birth to exercise your civil rights, for example

  • when you sign a contract,
  • or apply for a driver's licence.

Even if you married outside Québec but you are domiciled in Québec, you must exercise your civil rights using the surname you were given at birth.

However, in your social life you can, if you wish, use your spouse's surname.

Women married prior to April 2, 1981

If you are a woman and married prior to April 2, 1981, you are entitled to use your spouse's surname to exercise your civil rights, provided your were already doing so at that date.

However, if you decide to exercise your civil rights under your own name, you must first notify the relevant departments and agencies.

For more information, consult a legal advisor.

Last update: April 6, 2023


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