Before your marriage ceremony

Before your marriage ceremony, you and your intended spouse must complete a number of formalities, some with your officiant, such as the court clerk.

These steps are in addition to everything else you have to do, such as sending out invitations, choosing a caterer and reserving and decorating the room.

Formalities completed with the court clerk

If you and your intended spouse want to be married by a court clerk, you must make an appointment for an interview.

Before the interview, you must organize the documents in your file so that the clerk can:

You should also:

  • select your witness for the interview;
  • ask about the fee for the solemnization of a marriage;
  • decide, while ensuring that you meet the conditions of validity:
    • where and when your marriage will take place;
    • what elements the marriage ceremony will contain.

Formalities with an officiant other than a court clerk

If you and your intended spouse choose an officiant other than a court clerk, you must ask the officiant what formalities you need to complete.

Last update: April 6, 2023


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