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Québec model for the determination of child support payments

The Québec model for the determination of child support payments has specified the rules used to calculate child support payments when two parents separate or divorce. 

This section of the website contains general information. Given the importance of the choices you are required to make, you should seek advice if needed before finalizing your decision.

Step-by-step guide to the process

This brochure, published by the Ministère de la Justice, (PDF 8.33 Mb) will help guide you through the process of obtaining the determination or review of a child support payment. A printed version of the brochure is available in all courthouses.

Basic parental contribution

The amounts in the Table to determine the basic parental contribution are adjusted each year, mainly to reflect changes in the federal and provincial income tax systems. As a result, the applicable amounts may be the same as or higher or lower than the amounts appearing in the Table for the previous year.

Child Support Determination Form

Child support payments are calculated on the basis of the income of both parents, the number of children, the custody arrangements and certain additional expenses to meet a child’s specific needs.

The first step is for the parents to complete the Child Support Determination Form (PDF 180 Kb), jointly or separately, regardless of whether or not they have already agreed on the amount of support.

The brochure The Québec model for the determination of child support payments: Answers to your questions: a step-by-step guide to the process (PDF 8.33 Mb) will help you complete the form using the examples provided.

The parents must also complete the form Statement Required under Article 444 of the Code of Civil Procedure (PDF 260 Kb) concerning the situation of each parent. .

Affordable review of a family court judgment and low-cost service to recalculate support payments

Legal aid offices provide an affordable service for parents who have separated, allowing them to obtain a review of a family court judgment (the Homologation Assistance Service This hyperlink will open in a new window.). 

They also offer an affordable, on-line service for the recalculation of child support payments in simple cases in which a parent’s income has changed, without involving the courts (the Child Support Recalculation Service, or SARPA This hyperlink will open in a new window.). 

The services are available to all parents, whether or not they are eligible for legal aid. See the section legal aid for more information.

Last update: February 26, 2024


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