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Steps to take following mediation

You may, if you wish, have your agreement homologated by a special clerk, to give it legal effect. If this is done, Revenu Québecwill collect the necessary support payments, unless you ask to be exempted and provide the necessary security.

Non-homologated agreement

However, you may also decide not to have your agreement homologated. In this case, since it is not equivalent to a court judgment, Revenu Québec will not collect the support payments and you will have to agree with the other parent on how the support will be paid. However, you will need a court judgment in order to divorce.

Free mediation sessions for couples with common dependent children following a change of situation

In both situations, you are eligible for 2 hours 30 minutes of free mediation each time your situation changes in a way that requires a review of the judgment or agreement.

Last update: April 6, 2023


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