Use of mediation

All parents with dependent children can use mediation at any time:

  • when they are looking for information or want to complete an amicable agreement following their separation (before beginning court proceedings);
  • when they want to reach an agreement without having it homologated by the court; however, this type of agreement has no legal effect and, as a result, if it is not respected the injured party must apply to the court;
  • when they have filed an application for divorce or legal separation (if they are married) or an application to determine custody, access rights and support payments (for de facto spouses), but have not yet been heard by the court because they still disagree on custody, support or the family patrimony and other patrimonial rights resulting from the marriage;
  • when they have filed an application for the review of a judgment in connection with a dispute over custody, access or support;
  • when they have obtained a judgment or reached an agreement, but wish changes to be taken into account.
General notice

Couples without common dependent children

The information on this page is for parents going through a separation.

However, most of it also applies to mediation for couples without common dependent children.

Last update: April 6, 2023


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