Are you dissatisfied with the quality of services you received or with an aspect of the Curateur public’s administration? Are you dissatisfied with the quality of our contract management process? Do you want to report a potentially harmful situation involving an incapable or assisted person?

Submitting a complaint about our services

To submit a complaint about the quality of our services, you can fill out the complaint form This hyperlink will open in a new window. or contact the following by phone or mail:

Coordinator, Complaints Office

Bureau des plaintes du Curateur public
500, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, bureau 1832
Montréal (Québec)  H3A 0J2
Telephone: 514 864‑7053
Fax: 514 864‑4405

You can also contact the contact the general information service of the Curateur public at 1 844 LECURATEUR (5328728). You will be directed, as appropriate, to the Complaints Office . All comments addressed to the Complaints Office are used to improve the quality of our services.


  • To submit initial findings within 20 working days for every complaint received by the Complaints Office.

Submitting a complaint about contract management

To submit a complaint to the Curateur public about a call for tenders, business qualification, or ongoing homologation, fill out the Complaint Form Filed With a Public Body This hyperlink will open in a new window., developed by the Autorité des marchés publics and email it to:

You can also consult the Procédure portant sur la réception et l’examen des plaintes en gestion contractuelle (in French) (PDF 211 Kb), for more details. 

File a report with the Curateur public

Filing a report essentially involves notifying the Curateur public of a situation that could pose a threat to the security and physical or mental well-being of an incapable or assisted person or cause damage or harm to their patrimony. Reports generally concern cases of maltreatment, negligence, and abuse.

The Curateur public receives and processes reports concerning:

  • a person under public or private tutorship;
  • an incapable person whose protection mandate has been homologated;
  • a person whose incapacity has been established by a medical assessment, but who has yet to benefit from a repressentation measure;
  • an assisted person under assistance measure;
  • a person under temporary representation;
  • the patrimony of a minor.

The legal representative of the person under tutorship, under temporary representation or whose protection mandate has been homologated takes charge of the situations reported, but only when they themselves are not the subject of the report. The Curateur public may assist or provide information, as needed.

How to file a report with the Curateur public

You can file a report anonymously or not by:

In the event of an emergency, a Curateur public employee can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


  • Begin the intervention within 48 hours of receiving a report;
  • Take charge of the report within 20 business days.

If the report is not the Curateur public’s responsibility, you will be directed to the appropriate person or organization.

Note that there must be reasonable grounds to report a situation.

Role of the Curateur public within a private protective supervision regime  

When the alleged victim is under private representation measure (tutorship or temporary representation by a relative or someone close to them) or their protection mandate has been homologated, the situation must be taken charge of by the tutor, temporary representant or mandatary, provided they are not the subject of the report. The Curateur public may assist or provide information, as the case may be. 

Curateur public policy on the processing reports (in French) (PDF 126 Kb)

Confidentiality of the process

The information in a report is governed by rules of confidentiality and access to information. The Curateur public cannot disclose any details about the report or what measures might have been taken, neither to the person who made the report nor to any other person.