The primary mission of the Curateur public du Québec is to ensure the protection of incapable persons. It does so by considering what is in their best interest, respecting their rights, upholding their autonomy and taking their wishes and preferences into account.

The Curateur public achieves its mission by taking on the following responsibilities:

  • ensuring the protection of the property of minors;
  • informing incapable persons and their representatives of all relevant regulations;
  • increasing public awareness of the issue of incapacity and providing information on ways of adequately protecting incapable persons.

This mission will notably be magnified, as the Curateur public will soon offer services to persons benefiting from the assistance measure and their assistants. The assistance measure will allow people with a difficulty to benefit from support, should they so wish, to exercise their rights.

The Curateur public will take on responsibility for:

  • recognizing assistants to persons of full age, by notably analyzing requests in this regard and keeping a public registry of recognized assistants;
  • notifying the persons benefiting from assistance as well as their assistants of the relevant regulations;
  • supporting persons experiencing a difficulty.


In light of its unique mission, the Curateur public has adopted four values specific to its activities: respect, empathy, transparency and service quality. 


Have consideration for others and treat them with attention and respect.


Listen to, understand and acknowledge the needs, emotions and reality of others.


Ensure the exchange of accurate, comprehensive and reliable information between the Curateur public, its partners and the public, as well as within the organization, all while ensuring the confidentiality of these communications.

Service quality

Satisfy, to the best of its ability, the public’s expectations of the Curateur public with regard to the quality of services offered.