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Healthy lifestyle habits

Balanced screen use

There are many advantages to using devices. However, they can have worrisome health consequences, particularly among young people. To learn more, visit:

Physically active lifestyle

Regular exercise helps prevent many chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Physical activity helps reduce stress and improves concentration. To learn about the benefits of exercising, consult the following page:

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is a key determinant of health. It is important to eat a variety of nutritious foods every day and adopt healthy eating habits. Go to the following pages to find out more about healthy eating:

Body weight

Body weight is a risk factor for health, just like smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity or a poor diet. Whatever your body weight, adopting a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet will have benefits for your health and well-being.

Smoke free lifestyle

Smoking poses significant health risks. There are many benefits to giving up smoking, whatever your age or the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. You will feel the health benefits within minutes of stopping.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are not burned. However, vaping carries health risks and its long-term effects are not yet known.

To find out more about smoking, government anti-smoking initiatives and electronic cigarettes, go to the following pages:

Last update: March 4, 2020


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