Zones 1 and 2 have been changed since the regulations were last published. See the “Main new measures” section for further details.

Québec is divided into 29 zones. Since zone 25 exists only for fishing, there are 28 hunting zones: zones 1 to 24 and 26 to 29. 

In several cases, the zones are subdivided in order to apply special rules to a given species. You must therefore comply with the hunting regulations in force in these zones, and with the special rules applicable to the particular areas (wildlife reserves, ZECs, outfitters with exclusive rights, etc.) that you wish to use.

Regulatory Information

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Last update: September 29, 2021


The information published on this website has been simplified and provides a summary of the main regulatory provisions. It does not replace in any way the official texts of laws and regulations. For more detailed information on a specific rule, refer to the Regulation respecting hunting in Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window., the Regulation respecting hunting activities This hyperlink will open in a new window. or the Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife This hyperlink will open in a new window., which are all available on LégisQuébec.


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